Connect Groups are the heartbeat of The Bridge.  These small groups are made up of men and women who are looking for a community that offers conversation, open dialogue, meaningful interaction, and friends to walk with through life's ups and downs.  A curriculum called "Real-Life Discipleship" is offered to first-time members of the Connect Group.  This 12 week study allows for group members to explore new ways to connect to the community through the church.  

Each group has it's own leader, meeting day/time/place, and rhythms of meeting.  Some offer childcare, some offer dessert, some offer both!  Because we value relationship, we intentionally keep the group size between 8 and 12 members.  When a group "fills up", we will create a new group within a few weeks.

You can invite a friend or spouse to join you in the initial stages of the connect group.  But once a group begins, it will create stronger community if new participants wait for the next connect group to begin rather than trying to enter half-way through.  Your group leader will help you navigate those conversations.

If you would like to join a connect group, please email our Discipleship leader, Carrie Rester.